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Gallery 486 (Sep 24, 2014). It's difficult to put feelings into words, you know, but these wonderful rubber "Harem pants" feel so indescribably smooth and soft on the skin — simply beyond words. I really love them and I know that there is at least one guy out there who likes them just as much as I: Peter, here is our gallery for you!Smile The best thing of all is that one feels (and actually is) so completely protected. I've therefore added the very tall Zivalco boots to make the protection perfect. Well, it did not take long that boots and legs were submerged in the mud.Smile
Peter is, by the way, the founder of the very active Yahoo group muddybootsandrainwear, which has lots of stimulating discussions, pics and videos concerning our matter. It's an adult group so you have to sign in with your Yahoo login (or sign up for a Yahoo account if you haven't one). It's absolutely free and well worth the little effort!
(52 pictures and 6:13 min video in the members area).